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About us

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BYD Zimbabwe specializes in affordable electrified transportation, solar power, and reliable energy storage. The company provides sustainable transportation solutions, world-leading innovations, and technology and is also an industry leader with world-class products as well as an excellent aftersales track record worldwide.

 Our Ev product range stretches wide to include passager vehicles and vans, minibuses, buses, utility vehicles and trucks. BYD is the leading lithium cell/battery producer with products such as in house chargers, battery boxes and world-leading tier1 solar PV modules

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Our EV product range stretches wide to include passenger vehicles and vans, minibuses,
buses , utility vehicles and trucks

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About BYD Zimbabwe



Our buses are the result of extensive innovation and experience in battery technology. We are
the first electric bus manufacturer ...read more



BYD’s formidable R&D and innovation strength has enabled it to achieve a full command of new energy vehicles’ core technologies of batteries, IGBT,...read more



BYD has developed a wide range of practical and economical EV solutions. It has launched commercial
vehicles that cover ten market segments...read more



BYD has developed PV+Storage, a new business model focused on renewable energy production, storage and applications, designed to change the ...read more

About BYD Electric Car 

How long does it take to charge an EV?

Most EVs fully charge overnight, which is great if you’re charging at home.

A public rapid charge point can return an exhausted EV to 80% of its range in just 30 minutes.

What is the range of an EV?

The range an EV has on a single charge depends on the make and model.

Most modern EVs have a range that comfortably suits most people’s daily journey. This means you can charge your car at home or at work without impacting your routine.

Do electric cars break down more?

Not, they don’t. An electric vehicle is less likely to break down than a petrol or diesel car because it has fewer moving parts.

This is also great news when it comes to EV maintenance costs. EVs don’t have familiar car parts like a gearbox, clutch, exhaust, starter motor and more. Even the brakes on an EV get much less wear and tear because electric cars use regenerative braking.

What Customers Say

I absolutely LOVE my BYD e6 Electric Vehicle. I’ll never go back to a smelly, polluting, greasy, sluggish internal combustion engine car…

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